27 October 2022

Partnership between m-Squared and Caresilk

A collaboration agreement has been signed between m-Squared s.r.l. and Caresilk s.r.l.s. for the enhancement of the products and technologies developed by Caresilk.

Caresilk s.r.l.s. is a company based in Lecce and specialized in the extraction and processing of silk proteins for various applications such as active ingredients for use in pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields and for aesthetic medicine. The company has obtained and renewed both the ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certification and has many collaborations with important companies and national and international research centers. Caresilk continues to innovate processes and products through constant study and scientific research activities, exploring an ever increasing number of sectors of applications of silk proteins. The peculiar biological properties of these proteins, including their marked tissue regeneration properties, biocompatibility, antioxidant properties, etc., make them particularly interesting for the development of advanced biomaterials for tissue engineering, for the treatment of skin lesions and abrasions and for dermocosmetics.

m-Squared s.r.l. is a consulting specialized company operating in both strategic and operational pharmaceutical consulting.
m-Squared s.r.l. will provide strategic commercial business development consultancy on the national and international scene.