How does the Farm work?

Our raw materials come exclusively from Italian farms with a controlled and certified supply chain. Caresilk has also launched the Caresilk farm project for mulberry farming in Puglia.

We use the leaves from our mulberry groves in Puglia to feed silkworms

We select the best cocoons for our production

We use our expertise to extract silk proteins without hydrolyzing them

We use the leaves from our mulberry trees in Puglia to feed silkworms

Combining tradition and innovation, we grow our mulberry trees and rear our silkworms with complete respect for nature and environment, producing top quality raw materials. Beyond traditional rearing techniques based on fresh mulberry leaves, we also use innovative methods based on artificial diets properly developed to deseasonalize rearing and to obtain silk with specific properties.

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Professional competence, Experience and Research in Puglia

Caresilk team, made of experts in the fields of bioengineering, chemistry and biology, constantly works on the definition of new developments of an innovative and revolutionary technology.

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