13 May 2021

Caresilk founders are serving as Guest Editors for the Special Issue "Development and Application of Silk-Proteins Based Biomaterials" for the scientific journal Materials

Materials is a peer-reviewed open access journal with impact factor 3.057, published by MDPI. The journal, with a focus on the scientific research progress in the field of materials science and engineering, has recently included a special issue entitled “Development and Application of Silk-Proteins Based Biomaterials” in the section “Biomaterial”, with the founders of Caresilk as Guest editors.
This special issue aims at exploring the scientific progress in the development of silk proteins-based biomaterials in the fields of bioengineering and biotechnology, thus contributing to increase the interest in a so promising and multifaceted material as silk. 

Message from the Guest Editors
Silk is an interesting biomaterial mainly composed of two proteins, namely, fibroin and sericin, characterized by excellent biological and physical–chemical properties that can be properly exploited to develop advanced materials and devices for a wide range of technological applications.
Over the last decade, these proteins have received huge attention by academic research, which has explored the multiple options for processing and the incredible potential of fibroin and sericin for the development of different products with specific properties. However, although many interesting studies have been already published, more research is still needed for investigating the increasing number of applications of fibroin and sericin, particularly for tissue engineering. This Special Issue aims at exploring the most recent progresses in the development of silk proteins-based biomaterials for application in bioengineering and biotechnology, with special attention to regenerative medicine, drug delivery and wound healing. It is our pleasure to invite you to contribute full papers, review article and communication for this Special Issue.

MDPI Issue "Development and Application of Silk-Proteins Based Biomaterials"